A well functioning web application simplifies and improves the operational processes within your cleaning
service. To develop an application that will really save your cleaning service money, you will need to
start with a clean design, strong action plan.

First we need an Action Plan

A smart web application can save a cleaning service a lot of money. They simplify business processes, increase the ease of use and prevent mistakes.

Every purpose of an application requires a different approach. For example, do want to respond quicker to cleaning complaints, or an application that will help to get more cleaning customers from a search engine , or do you want an application to register the hours of your cleaning staff easier, or do you just want an application to create an cleaning estimate on the spot?

To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the automation budget of your cleaning service, we will first look together at how the current situation is within your cleaning service, and only then, based on your goals, we will start working on a web solution that is affordable and will help you achieve those goals.

We understand that as a cleaning entrepreneur you want to focus on running your cleaning service, that is why IndustrylinQ offers a proven concept that enables us to jointly create a clear action plan for the custom realization of your web application. A concept that assures you that we will stay within the agreed budget and will finish your application on-time.

Did you know that every cleaning service, small or large, can work paperless and without an office? Curious? Our management had already implemented this in 2008.

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Steps to build a custom web application

While developing your web application, IndustrylinQ will take you by the hand. We will present you clear and understandable choices, and share our experience and knowledge with you. Together, we have one goal, to develop a web application that helps your cleaning service to save time and money. See below the different phases of developing a custom web application:

Use cases for web applications

We see that Cleaning services want to create a lean organization by getting a strong inside about demand that should result in better scheduling. They want to enable their cleaners to work self-sufficient by offering a digital work order. We notice this in all sort of cleaning service. If it is a house cleaning service, maid service, janitorial service, residential cleaning service, commercial cleaning service, carpet cleaning service or window cleaning service, an app should help to deliver a better cleaning experience and to lower the overhead expenses.


Offer your cleaning services on-demand at the touch of a button, be available 24/7. We can help your realize this by developing an application that manages your estimate and work order process, giving you real-time insight in the current demand for your cleaning services and providing projections for the future. Offering your customers a web app with a clean design to request their cleaning service online, 24/7


As a cleaning business leader, you want to create balance between your work-force and demand. Provide enough viable hours to every cleaner and offering them a stable work schedule and preferable recurring cleaning jobs. And be flexible enough as a cleaning service company to provide unexpected additional cleaning tasks or to take on new cleaning jobs on a short notice. We can help by creating an app that manages the availability registration of your cleaning staff, offering digital scheduling and dispatch screens and by providing a digital work schedule.

Work Order

Most cleaning services still use paper work orders, whereby each order needs to be printed and handed-over to the cleaner. And an order change results in a new print or in written corrections on the paper work order. So what if you start using digital work orders. There is no need to physically hand over a work order to your cleaner, order changes are updated automatically and as management you will have real-time insight in the progress of your cleaning jobs. Let us help.


Are you still spending hours a week in processing work orders and preparing your invoices? By using web development within your cleaning service we can connect your scheduling, order and dispatch and assure you are capable to generate your invoices automatically. Instead of hours, you only need to double check for errors and you are ready to bill your customers.

We work with...

For developing web applications we use modern trustworthy solutions, including the following:

HTML5, JS and CSS3

We work with the latest web techniques. For the website structure HTML5, for the design CSS3 and for the interactive pages JavaScript.

the force of PHP 7 & Laravel

Laravel is a high quality PHP7 framework and comes with all the classes and tools to develop
solid and safe web applications. This unique combination enables us to be build every
project, large or small.

Reliable techniques for your web development.

Safety is on the top of our list. That's why we train our staff continuously on new and safer methods and we keep a sharp eye all the new technical developments.

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What our customers say


custom developed customer resource application

Simple customer file management

They wanted to have all of their customer contacts visible in a folder structure.

Online software for cleaning services

ILQ cleaning software

Our online software for cleaning services,developed from the daily cleaning practice. Simplicity, Easy to understand and you can use it from anywhere.

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Register time for cleaning services within an web application

Online time tracking

For this cleaning company we developd a web portal to enable online timetracking. Employees have a function log there working hours.

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