More information about social media and websites for my cleaning company (Customer Question)

Customer Question:


I would like to know about your web sites and the social media that you can provide for it.



Our Answer

Hi ***,

Thank you for reaching out to IndustrylinQ, my name is *** and I'm looking forward to help you and your cleaning service as much as possible.  Below I provided some general feedback, please do not feel overwhelmed, I just want to provide some overview.  

About your current website
As a starter, I went to the current website of **** and the first thing that grabbed my attention is that their is no "call to action". That means that visitors need to scroll for contact information and to see what kind of services **** are providing. This is something we could improve. 

A second thing that I saw is, that you do not offer any customer testimonials or other references that supports the credibility of ***.  I would love to incorporate testimonials and other relevant content into your website.

Social media and traffic 
I can see that **** is active on Twitter and Facebook.
The posting are on general topics like Kaivac Omniflex or Unflushed. By my opinion, I find these postings to generic. Your market is Pittsburg, so your messages should be around local events and developments. Also in your social media, we should try to integrate customer testimonials. This should attract more relevant visitors to your website and stimulate word-of-mouth

Ad campaigns
A campaign built around the right keywords ( words that people use to search Google and Bing) offers us the possibility to show compelling adds to decision makers in Pittsburgh who are actively searching for a trustworthy cleaning service.

On Facebook we could create a campaign with ads that includes real testimonials and we will only shown them to people who live in the same area in Pittsburgh.

What now 
A successful online presence, that will generate new customers, starts with a suitable website.  With suitable, I mean offering the right information to your visitors on the right time. And writing content that is relevant to businesses and people in Pittsburgh who need cleaning services.  Offer a different message for people who use a mobile phone and for people who are using a computer.

To realize a new website, we offer multiple affordable packages starting at USD 29.99 a month and a one-time fee of USD 229.99.  See packages

After *** has a suitable website, we need to attract more visitors to your website.  That  can be done in different ways. Depending on your budget,  writing and posting new content on your website about relevant topics, getting links to your website, sharing daily experiences in your business on your social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter) ,  creating Ad campaigns and set upfront a fixed monthly budget.

This is a custom service, meaning that we agree per month on how many hours IndustrylinQ will spend on generating traffic for your website. These hours are per month adjustable and you can cancel at any time. 
For this custom service we charge  an hourly fee of USD 50,- 
Please keep in mind that it will take a couple of months before you can expect results.  

Finally, I hope that I was able to give a general overview and we would love to get your businesses. Please let me know about any questions or requests that you have and I will check in early next week.

On behalf of IndustrylinQ,
Thank you for your interest,




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