More information about social media and websites for my cleaning company (Customer Question)

Customer Question:


I would like to know about your web sites and the social media that you can provide for it.



Our AnswerHi ***,Thank you for reaching out to IndustrylinQ, my name is *** and I'm looking forward to help you and your cleaning service as much as possible.  Below I provided some general feedback, please do not feel overwhelmed, I just want to provide some overview.  About your current websiteAs a starter, I went to the current website of **** and the first thing that grabbed my attention is that their is no "call to action". That means that visitors need to scroll for contact information and to see what kind of services **** are providing. This is something we could improve. A second thing that I saw is, that you do...

6 SEO tricks for your residential or commercial cleaning service website

An important part of your inbound marketing efforts for your maid service, carpet cleaning service, residential or commercial cleaning service is search engine optimization (SEO). And for many cleaning service contractors, getting your website to rank in Google seems like an impossible task – with Google constantly changing their search algorithm.

However, with the right SEO tips and techniques, optimizing your residential or commercial cleaning service website is less difficult as it seems. The key in optimizing your site is choosing the right keywords and take enough time to do it correctly.

To get you started, I will give you six on-page SEO tips for free to help your&nbs...

5 tried and tested tips to grow a cleaning service

One of the toughest challenges for cleaning services owners is that of generating well qualified leads for their cleaning business. Relying on word of mouth for stable business growth and meeting sales and revenue goals is rarely (if ever) enough.

With over 10 years of experience by creating and selling a successful cleaning service and providing internet marketing services to the cleaning industry, here are 5 tried and tested, proven tips to drive a cleaning service.

the Website of your cleaning services Matters!

Most cleaning services realize the importance of having a visually stunning website that shows off the quality of their craftsmanship. Including beautiful images within...

Ask these questions before you start the web design of your cleaning service

Web design starts with creating a digital marketing strategy by setting digital marketing goals for your cleaning service. Within this digital strategy, writing relevant content about your cleaning service is a key process for success.

See it as a foundation of your web design, it will provide navigational structure, influence your Google and Bing ranking and will increase the time that visitors spend on the website of your cleaning service.

So if you will ask yourself five basic questions before you start building the website of your cleaning service, you’ll get a better build and more relevant web design. Those five questions are…

A) What Do I Have to Say about my...

A few Tips to Grow your Maid service by improving your Website

When a visitors arrives on the website of your maid service,  you only have a short amount of time to grab the visitors attention.  As you can read in this article from the Neilson Norman Group, users will likely read 20% of the words on a page. If the website off your Cleaning service is cluttered and doesn’t offer a clear message or call to action, people will not stay around to get familiar with the strengths of your Maid service.

So, let me give you THREE simple tricks how you to improve your website and get more requests for cleaning estimatesClear Value Proposition

Hello Maid Service Owners: Angie's List is Now FREE!

As a local maid service or residential cleaning service, we want to make your aware of a potential growth disrupt-er:

Angie's List, on of the big customer review website, has canceled their $40 annual membership fee and is now free to every homeowner. So consumers who are looking for a maid, will be able to use the site for free to search for reviews. And customers who have experienced a cleaning service, are now able to leave reviews about these maid services for free.

This change can have an impact on your local maid service, as we can read this in commentary from Search Engine Land  :

Less than one percent of the US population were members (of Angi...

Most websites for cleaning service are missing out on mobile visitors

Today I want to talk briefly about responsive design and the importance of responsive design for the website of your cleaning service.  Although we are well past the mobile Tipping Point, as this report from comScore shows, most websites of cleaning services I've visited are not built to facilitate a decent experience for a mobile phone, tablet and a regular computer.

That is why I want to shout out to all cleaning service owners that almost 60% of all online search is done from mobile devices and growing! You are missing out on a lot of potential new customer!

How comes

First of all, think about the difference when you are using your mobile phone to do a search or when you are using your computer to do a search.&...

Why digital marketing is an opportunity for Cleaning Companies

As a cleaning company owner, you know the importance of marketing. You know that you can’t promote your cleaning services without engaging local and regional businesses in a meaningful way. With the rapid development of digital technology, it is time to include interacting with customers on several digital channels— Meaning utilizing your website, local search and social media. This gives your cleaning company an extra possibility to grow your business and your customer base besides your regular word-of-mouth.

I'm not saying that traditional forms of marketing are not important in today's cleaning business marketplace, but that cleaning companies would be remiss to not include some type of digital initiative into their overall outreach strategy. According to a recent Social Me...

Tip for more cleaning estimate request on your cleaning company wesbite

Contact-us form

The website of your cleaning company should contain a Contact-Us form on a own page. This allows visitors to enter their contact details and details about their cleaning needs. Make sure that the Contact-Us form is included in your main navigation and is mentioned on your Home page.

The Contact-Us form is a first and essential step for gathering a growing list of potential customers for your cleaning company.

We love to tell you more about online engagement with potential customers for your cleaning company. Please feel free to contact us.


Great free tip how to improve the website of your cleaning company

Website organization

Site architecture, also known as Website organization is a difficult word to talk about the hierarchy and arrangement of pages on your cleaning companies website. A great site architecture enables long-term local search success by assuring that search engines and visitors can understand what your most important content about your cleaning company is.

I will give you a couple of tips to make...

Customer question about an Informational website

[2] Our Answer

Dear Mister W******,

I've looked at ***** website. We can definitely build a similar website, however I would advise you to go for an responsive website.That means that your website is also suitable for phones, as nowadays almost 60% of the internet users are using there phone.Take a look at for a couple of examples to get a general idea.Many clients have their own graphic designer, we are used to build inline with existing style and brand guides.About your timeline, I can assure you that we can finish your project before the end of next month.My expectation is, as soon as we have received your first installment, we can build and finish your project within 3 weeks.After we finished buildin...

We love Cleaning Mania and proudly present our finished website design for this cleaning business

Cleaning Mania is a european cleaning business that provides high quality one-time residential and commercial cleanings.A significant part of their home and office cleanings, like move-in move-out cleanings are ordered on there website.

Our assignment was to build a professionally designed responsive website including an online estimate and reservation tool, that would attract customers looking for one-time office cleaning, home cleaning or other one-time cleaning services.

In general the design and content of the website needs to tell the visitors who they are, which cleaning services and plans are provided, a tool to inform the visitor which cleaning package is suitable and why this cleaning business is the best fit.

A main goal is to convert visitors into...

5 reasons why my cleaning business need a website

"Why Does my cleaning business need a Website?" #1 – An Online brochure

Many cleaning companies spend hundreds of dollars to create brochures to hand them out with an estimate. By having a website you can leave out your brochures completely. Your potential clients can find out about you and any of your cleaning services online. For most cleaning companies a big part of extending their client base is through networking and personal connections. A website gives those new connections an easy way to gather extra information about your cleaning business.

#2 – More customers


IndustrylinQ is a web service agency for cleaning services like commercial cleaning services, residential cleaning services, janitorial businesses, carpet cleaners and maid services.

We work with many of the premier cleaning service companies across the country offering a wide range of web services including website design and development, cloud based web and mobile applications, content marketing (writing, photography and video production), search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.

With over 10 years of experience, including founding and selling a successful cleaning services and providing internet marketing services to the cleaning industry, our team of growth professionals understands how to get – and keep – your cleaning company in front of your prospects and customers.


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