Digital marketing strategy

With the rapid development of digital technology, it is time to include interacting with customers on several digital channels— Meaning utilizing your website, local search and social media. We call this a digital marketing strategy and it will help grow your cleaning service company faster and beyond the regular word-of-mouth.


We will make sure that your website offers all the right information to a visitor, so the visitor is willing to choose your cleaning service. By advising on missing information, new topics to write about, how to structure the information on your website in a logical semantic way, and about how to visually present your content.

Local Search

Now that your website offers relevant information and is search engine friendly, we wil make sure that it will be listed on all important search engines and other dominant online cleaning service hubs. This will enable your website to show op in the local search results for people that are looking for cleaning services.

Online Advertising Campaigns

Besides organic search traffic, it can be lucrative to attract more traffic by using online advertising. With our research and experience we will help you choose keywords that make sense for your type of cleaning services company. How much to pay for showing an online advertisement. Give advice about writing appealing online ads. Make sure that the online ad is linked to the best relating landing page on your website. How to measure if your online ad is giving you new estimate requests or more revenue.

Social Media

Chances are good that you already know some of the major social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. Your cleaning services business should be on at least 1-2 of these social media channels as well. We will help you create dedicated pages on the social media channels and make sure that these pages will show important information about your cleaning services company, like your phone number, description of your cleaning services and reviews. After these pages are established we will help you generate publicity. The easiest way is by posting updates. For example, a customer may allow you to take “before cleaning” and “after cleaning” pictures. Videos can also be effective if you provide some tips, such as a one-minute video on the recommended ways to sanitize a toilet.


We understand that as a cleaning entrepreneur you want to focus on running your cleaning service, that is why IndustrylinQ offers a proven model that enables us to jointly develop a digital marketing strategy within no time.

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