Many cleaning services think that any website is the same as building an excellent website, but a website that generates structural leads or that increases your sales begins with a clear strategy and an execution plan.

First an online strategy

A website is part of the online strategy of your cleaning service, and a website helps to achieve the goals set in this strategy. Besides a website, you can also think of other ways to achieve your goals. For example, email marketing, social media (Facebook), search engine optimization, or to advertise with search engines.

And for each goal there is a different approach. Is your online goal to receive more requests for cleaning estimates, or is your website a professional presentation to support issued cleaning estimates, , or do you want a website to recruits the best cleaners? All these goals request a different approach.

To ensure you get a maximum benefit out of the online budget of your cleaning service, we will first define your online goals.

We understand that as a cleaning entrepreneur you want to focus on running your cleaning service, that is why IndustrylinQ offers a proven model that enables us to jointly develop a solid online strategy for your cleaning service within no time.

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Steps to build a custom website

IndustrylinQ will take you by the hand while creating your website. We present to you clear and understandable
choices and share our experience and knowledge with you. Together, we have one goal, to create a website
that helps your cleaning service to generate more sales and leads.
See below the different phases of building a custom website:

We work with...

For building websites we use modern trustworthy solutions, including the following:

HTML5, JS and CSS3

We work with the latest web techniques. For the website structure HTML5, for the design CSS3 and for the interactive pages JavaScript.

the force of PHP 7 & Laravel

Laravel is a high quality PHP7 framework and comes with all the classes and tools to build
solid and safe websites. This unique combination enables us to be build every
project, large or small.

Reliable techniques for your website.

Safety is on the top of our list. That's why we train our staff continuously on new and safer methods and we keep a sharp eye all the new technical developments.

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What our customers say


Build a custom website for cleaning servic

You are directly invited to use the search bar

Website for Cleaninglinq, They believe that nowadays the visitor knows what it wants.

Design + CMS + Tailor made Estimate Module

Build a custom website for cleaning servic

A smile that grabs the attention

> Web site to show you how you can directly include an action on your landing page

Strategy + CMS + Estimate optimisation

Build a custom website for cleaning servic

Attention on the janitors

Our assignment was to emphasize the core values of this janitorial business, happy employees. As a result we have used pictures of their staff on every page.

Strategy + CMS + Custom build order module

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