A Seattle-based Web & Mobile Development Company

A Seattle-based Web & Mobile Development Company

We help businesses work more efficiently through the smart use of new technology. Our user-friendly cloud software improves business processes, and our Websites help to increase turnover and to generate more leads. Working together on a better version of your company.

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We stand for close cooperation with our customers, with a team that is focused on high quality work, and team members that are personally committed to choose the best and most affordable technical solutions for our customers.

Long Term.

We see each new project as the beginning of a long-term relationship. Our people thrive on your feedback and are trained to go the extra mile (every time). They want to know your business as if it is their own business.


Working within budget is a must. Before we write a single line of code, we will make sure that we break down your technical requirements into a solid project description, A with clear milestones and due dates, making sure you keep control of your investment.


Our team stays on top of the latest technological trends, with a strong outlook to the future, creating solid user-friendly cloud applications which are secure, scalable and easy to maintain.

Why us

We as an internet agency

With successful serial entrepreneur Roel Hellemons, - who was back in 2006 one of the first to start selling cleaning services online - , as our founder we have Internet in our DNA.

IndustrylinQ was founded in 2014 and now has an experienced development team in Seattle, WA and in Amsterdam, Europe. As a business, we are focused on the next technological developments, such as cloud services, hybrid mobile applications, progressive web applications, micro functions and artificial intelligence.

One Goal: Create applications that will directly impact your business.

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Smart Mobile Applications

One code base to create an Android and an IOS Application. We have mastered the art of streamlined development of hybrid mobile applications. Talking about cost savings and rapidly shorter development periods!

Modern Web Applications, Portals & Online platforms

Creating modern, fast, Single Page Web applications, ready for the era of Progressive Web apps, with clean material designs and excellent user interactions. Let's rock!

Cloud powered Backend as a Service

The time of servers running in-house, or hosting a Virtual Private server, are behind us. Our solutions are designed around the cloud, where you only pay for what you need, have guaranteed scalability and better security. Let us migrate your application to the cloud. We can start today!

Our Work

a few samples of our applications

We love to build high quality solutions, powered by the cloud, rapidly developed and ready for growth. Take a look at recent projects, including Websites, Mobile Applications, Progressive Web applications, Online platforms, Cloud powered databases and Cloud functions. All proudly build in Seattle.

Mobile Application, powered by IONIC
Web application, powered by Angular
IOS, Android, Web

Scalable cloud platform

SaaS product including a mobile and a web application, powered by the cloud.

Book your service online, Web application
Custom CRM, powered by Angular
web, cloud

Online reservation system and Custom CRM

Cloud architecture that includes an online reservation website and a custom ERP system that made our client paperless.

SEO website, powered by Angular
Custom CMS, powered by Angular
web, seo, cloud

Comparison engine and website

Comparison website optimized for Google and Bing search engines, combined with a Custom web portal to manage products and services for the comparison engine.

Mobile Application, powered by IONIC
Progressive Web application, powered by Angular
Web, IOS, Android

Cloud architecture

Modern designed multi tenant cloud architecture to enable an amazing user experience on Mobile, Tablet and PC.


What we do

We create web applications, mobile applications, online platforms, portals or websites that will generate additional revenue or savings from day one.

Mobile Application

Using a single code base to create both IOS and Android applications simultaneously, we can create your business's mobile app quickly and efficiently.

Web Applications / Portals

A well functioning web application simplifies and improves the operational processes within your business. With an eye for your business, we create solid scalable web apps.


Many businesses think that any website is the same as building an excellent website. However a website that generates more leads and revenue starts with a clear strategy before execution. Let us help.

Online Cloud platforms

Enjoy safe, scalable and affordable online technologies to make your business ready for the environment of tomorrow. We are a Cloud First company, using cloud services such as secure authentications, pay as you use storage, micro functions and scalable databases.

Want to join our team?

If you are an ambitious, flexible, energetic JavaScript/Typescript developer who enjoys being part of a small team, a team that is determined to offer A+ customer experience and to continuously invest in there own skills, then send us your resume now!

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